Explore the features of each of our 3 modules

Document Management

InfoPoint uses the internet to enable documents to be uploaded and downloaded to two remote, world-class data centres located in Australia. This includes all the documents that you create or receive including email. The documents can be downloaded or uploaded anywhere at any time.

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Project Document Library

Take full control over your how your documents are managed. Custom metadata rules ensure consistent quality of project documentation.

Tracking History

Know who has accessed documents and transmittals with full tracking history.

Email Capture

Keep a safe and secure backup of project communications with email capture. Alternatively, give organisational transparency when new members join the project.

Also included:

Central Repositories

Accessible to your team

Tracks Revisions

Search by

Document Transmittals

   and more

Project Administration

Contract notices are recorded in registers that are easily accessed through the Document Management Module and linked to the relevant records in the Cost Management Module. This reduces time spent switching between databases and confusion that often arises when different databases are not synchronized.

Customisable Data Registers

Capture and track project information in registers that integrate with document and cost management.

Templates with autotexts

Develop custom templates for your businesses communication, and automatically populate them with information sources in your project.

Cost Management

Leverage InfoPoint’s Committed Cost System to capture budget, budget revisions, commitments, forecast commitments and expenditure. This integrates with the Document Management, which means that all cost information including claims, schedules and certificates are all easily available and linked to the corresponding cost records.

Committed Cost System

Manage budgets, commitments, variations, forecasts, and payments in an integrated committed cost system.

Also included:

Cost Reporting



Budget Tracking

Manage Commitments

Variations and Forecasts

Generate Payment Certificates

Map Client Accounting Cost Codes

Export Cost Reports

   and more